Linerio L-Line Mocca Slat Panel

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Introducing the Vox Linerio L-Line Mocca Slat Panel, an elegant and innovative addition to our range of decorative interior wall panels. With its design that accurately emulates the aesthetic of timber slat panelling, this product allows you to bring a sophisticated touch to any room.

The Mocca Slat Panels are offered in three distinct sizes, providing you with the flexibility to accommodate different room dimensions and design requirements. These slat panels are remarkably easy to install, and their appearance is further improved by matching left hand and right hand trims. These elements together create a beautifully unified and polished look.

The L-Line Mocca Slat Panel is constructed using polystyrene, a modern, lightweight, and 100% recyclable material that guarantees long-lasting durability. It’s coated with a print achieved through the hot-stamping process, which gives it an appealing and authentic finish that’s also a breeze to clean. Thus, it’s an ideal choice for all areas of your home or workplace, including more demanding environments such as kitchens, hallways, or workspaces.

These 3D slat panels offer a speedy and straightforward installation process. They can be effortlessly cut to size using a standard saw or jigsaw and require no additional substrate preparation work such as priming or grouting. This ensures a clean installation, free of dust and unnecessary mess.

What sets the L-Line Mocca Slat Panel apart is the immediate 3D effect it provides upon installation. This striking visual feature adds depth and character to your room, leading to an instant and notable transformation. With various mounting options – vertical, horizontal, or diagonal – you can tailor the layout to your specific preferences.

Another significant advantage is that the room can be utilized right away following installation, eliminating any disruption to your routine. Opting for the Linerio L-Line Mocca Slat Panel means choosing a swift, stylish, and versatile solution for your interior design projects.

In conclusion, the Linerio L-Line Mocca Slat Panel harmoniously combines aesthetic appeal, practicality, and environmental consciousness. It’s not just a wall panel – it’s an innovative approach to interior design, offering an attractive and eco-friendly method to revitalize your space.

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These panels come as a pack of three to create a full pattern effect.

These panels come as a pack of four to create a full pattern effect.

These panels come as a full pack of eight to create a specific pattern .

These panels feature a distinct texture which interacts with the light to look even more natural.

These panels are easy to clean and maintain with basic house hold cleaning materials.

These panels are easy and timely to fit using a basic range of common house hold tools.

These panels are waterproof, and are suitable to be used in bathrooms, wet rooms and shower areas.

These panels are highly resistant to impact, making them a great choice for commercial customers.