Kerradeco BIO

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A Hygeinic Wall Cladding System Enriched with Silver ions

  • Bacteriostatic properties
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Fire class B-s3, d0 (EU standard) / Class 1 (UK standard)
  • Safe in contact with food
  • Sound insulation durable, moistureproof and waterproof
  • Easy and clean installation, system of finishing accessories suitable for universal use; due to its properties it may replace ceramic tiles, medium-density fibre boards (MDF), gypsum boards used for partition walls
  • Recommended for applications with increased technical and hygiene requirements (hospitals, cosmetic facilities, food processing, etc.)
  • Silver onsenriched with silver ions
  • silver ions provide bacteriostatic properties
  • this is a well-known bacteriostatic material, used in various industries
  • mechanism of their activity is based on the fact that silver ions settle on a plasma membrane of microbes and block enzymes which are helpful in reproducing microorganisms

Kerradeco Bio Adhesive installation

Adhesive installation on stable base (concrete, tiles, plasterboard panels)

Kerradeco Bio Frame installation

 On wooden frame – reduces unevenness of the walls